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O.M. House | Vadi Istanbul




Interior Design Concept Project and Application


January, 2023


120 m2



Located on the land in Maslak Ayazaga, Istanbul, Vadi Istanbul interior design project is located within an area surrounded by Belgrade forests. Interor design and application in Vadi Istanbul Teras 2+1 M.O. housing project, which is located in the first stage of Vadi Istanbul, was carried out by Team Project Architecture. While basic design decisions were made in the project, it was aimed to meet the needs of the family without interfering with the existing architectural plan. A timeless design approach has been adopted by avoiding current options in the material and color selections of interior elements. The materials and colors used are sufficiently elegan but modern, exciting enough but seriously mostly natural with low maintenance features that complement the strong atmosphere of the space.

The industrial hard side of the concrete used in the room walls integrates with soft fabrics and wood textures, giving it a refined appearance. It is intended to increase the feeling of depth with reflective surfaces such as painted glass and smoked mirrors. The kitchen boundaries considered with the hall are separated by a half-sepere glass sliding door. The striking contrast effect is one of the most prominent features of the interior design with the design of a bar and TV unit consisting of a smooth marble dining table that welcomes us at the entrance of the hall in Vadi Istanbul interior design and then metal, painted glass and dark gray marble surfaces.

Vadi Istanbul interior design minimalist design understanding and detail analysis provide clear finishes in material combinations and transitions, highlighting the lean design language in the interior. While point, rational lighting is provided in general areas of use in interior design, a calm and neutral atmosphere is created with the most direct lighting in common areas.

It promises a high level of comfort with electronic infrastructure and dramatic lighting design designed in the living room and bedroom.